About the program

In a bid to revive the planet’s health and reverse the damage done to it, we have set up Naseera Botanical Garden. It was inaugurated on June 5th, 2022. on the occasion of World Environment Day to fight the loss of biodiversity and rampant climate change across the globe. Planting the seeds of hope for future generations, we define our purpose as the most essential in present times. We have only one earth and we are committed to preserving and rejuvenating it. With this program, we are building a vast garden for creepers and climbers, herbal, ornamental, big, and small foliage trees.

You can also be a part of this green initiative by adopting plants by donating funds annually or for its lifetime. Make contributions to support a sapling now for it to tender its embracing shade for the world in the coming future.

About Naseera Botanical Garden

From the nucleus of Western Ghats, Naseera Botanical Garden is built on X- acres at the campus of Dr. Moopen’s Medical College Wayanad. It was inaugurated by Madhura Swaminathan on June 5th of 2022 on the occasion of World Environment Day. The lofty bio-diversified garden serves as the center for lush plants, herbs, shrubs, and climbers, along with rare and endemic trees of the Western Ghats. In association with M S Swaminathan Research Foundation, the garden promotes research programs with a research facility for medicinal plants and herbs. The garden also plays multifarious roles in Climate Change, Conservation of Biodiversity and its Exhibition, Health and Wellness, Education and Recreation, Sustainable Horticulture, Horticultural Therapy, etc.

Herbal plants

Plants in which one or more of its parts are used for therapeutic purposes or their extracts exert pharmacological effects on the human or animal body. These plants are also used as dietary supplements, flavonoids, or perfume.

About Aster Volunteers

Aster Volunteers' vision is to unite people from all walks of life and serve as a united force to impact the world with care and compassion. Our initiatives through medical and non-medical aid, seek to impact the underserved sections of our society. To make the world healthier and greener, Aster Volunteers has pledged to take several green initiatives and choices to encourage the protection of the environment.

With the close collaboration of partners from the communities, governments, and industries, Aster Volunteers strives to break boundaries and reach beyond to touch the millions of underprivileged and make their lives and this world better for generations. In 5 years, close to 4 million+ lives have been impacted with a 50,000 + strong volunteer force. And we’re just getting started.